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Wim Hofova metóda ti zmení život!

Ice Bear, Guru of ice, Ironman, Alien, Frostman, these are only a few names for the Dutchman Wim Hof, with an almost immortal body. Change and maintain your body temperature, never catch a cold again, start you imunity system with your own will and many more…

How will your view change after you try these amazing secrets that Wim Hof teaches ?

Thanks to extreme exploits of this unusual adventurer we can say for sure that human bodies can endure a lot when you have full control of it.

Wim Hof’s body may be on the border between heaven and hell, but scientifically proven studies show that he is not a fool, but a real man who has full control of his body and that brings huge benefits to his life.As a little boy, Wim Hof ​​ran barefoot and half naked through frozen pools of Holland in the roughest winters. The cold became a challenge to Wim to test his own limit. Many people thought Wim to be foolish, but time and time again he proved them wrong. Nowadays , 60 year old Wim is still in amazing shape, as energetic and charismatic as ever. He never had a teacher, he learned everything alone…Well not alone, as he says by himself, the Cold and Nature were his teachers. Wim Hof slobodne inšpiruje tisícky ľudí na celom svete, pretože je presvedčený o tom, že čo zvládne on, to dokážeš aj ty.

Je to všetko v tvojej hlave

It is not a secret that all achievements start in your head and with the right attitude you can achieve a lot.

Here are a few tips to get you started : In the beginning of this journey you need to concentrate you mind and try to calm your mind. Just breath calmly. Try to achieve balance. When you are calm and balanced, your mind and body are becoming one, they can now work together. The balance opens a way to you inner power. Due to this balance both Win and you are able to control the heat of your body. You are able to maintain a certain temperature for a certain amount of time. You are able to consciously affect the thickness of you veins, and by this the blood flow. Due to this effect you will experience tingling and a calming feeling. This means your hormones and serotonin is released into your body.


Wim sparked the interest of modern medicine, with his unbelievable heat regulation techniques. He underwent a series of tests on a molecular level to prove that what he was able to achieve with his body is possible.Wim Hof method is an achievable method , you don’t have to travel far to the mountains and live the rest of your life in celibate or as an monk. All his life Wim worked on an easy method that anyone can use, you only need to train and follow the steps. Within a few weeks you will be amazed what you can endure and achieve, you will be able to controll your body and mind on a higher level than ever before.The best thing is most of the things Wim teaches are backed by the scientific research.


1. The most important part of the process is breathing. This is the building block of all physical activities because it supplies our bodies with oxygen and by that we are able to generate more energy. With the right breathing technique you can always achieve more.

2. Second part is control of your mind. When you are able to control your mind, your thoughts control your nervous system. By controlling mind, you control your own body.

3. Third part is engaging with the cold and training yourself to endure the cold. In this point you need to kickstart your immunity and you need to combine your breathing, mind and remain calm. Start with taking a bath in a nearby lake or shower just for 30 seconds to a minute. No need to stress, you have all the time in the world. Every exercise is a strong transformation and when everything is combined, you will be able to come to point when you will control your body and mind. When that time comes, you will feel more relaxed, energetic and generally your mental and physical state will be better than before. Wim Hof method is definitely a noteworthy one, the results speak for themselves. Sportsman and practitioners can also vouch for this method. Through control of your mind you can control your body and then you are able to perform better and also improve your life. Dýchaj a otužuj sa ako WIM HOF

Prečo je správne dýchanie dôležité

How many times during a day do you think about breathing? The answer is well, not a lot of times. To achieve better results with our workouts, improve our health or maybe calm our mind and body, breathing is a powerful tool. Wim teaches to breathe faster and deeper, the goal is to full our bodies with oxygen to create more energy for our purpose, whatever that may be.

1. Fáza tréningu – Dýchaj ako Boh

30 intenzívnych nádychov

The easiest way is to imagine blowing a balloon, well 30 balloons . Inhale deeply trough your nose and exhale trough your mouth. Exhalation should be short and not as deep as inhalation. Repeat this process 30 times. Gradually you will create your own rhythm which is good to follow. While breathing, it is normal to feel a bit dizzy sometimes or to feel a little bit of tingling in your fingers, just stay calm and enjoy those feelings. Always practice with moderation, the goal of your training is not to fall unconscious but to learn how to breath properly. Find a safe and comfortable spot and begin…

Zataj dych

After 30 intense breaths it is time to hold your breath. Imagine you have to fill your lungs as much as you can, then slowly release and stop breathing. Try to calm yourself, you are doing it, you are not breathing! When you feel the urge to breathe again, just breathe in. You will get better and better over time, it is a very rewarding system.

Uvoľni sa

As with any relaxation exercise, you simply take a deep breath, spread your arms, fill your lungs with air and hold your breath for approximately 10 seconds. Then exhale and rest for a while.

Just Relax. Congratulations! You have completed the first round of exercise.

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Odporúčané opakovanie celého dýchacieho rituálu: 3-krát za sebou

After the exercise, you will have a blissful feeling that many Buddhist monks would envy you for. Only after mastering the first important phase, which is breathing, you can move on further in your training . Once you have trained this exercise , another important step awaits you, which is facing the cold shower.

2. Training phase – Harden like a polar bear

Otužovanie chladom

Hardening is a great choice to strengthen the immune system, elevate your body and soul. You will overcome your own limits and learn how to regulate the temperature within your body. Wim advises to approach hardening slowly and with respect. You own body will show you the way, you just need to listen. Embrace the cold in your life as a source of energy for strengthening your own body and will.



The easy way to start is at home, in your shower. While taking a classic shower with the regular temperature , try to decrease the temperature to cold just for the last 20- 30 seconds . Start from the bottom up, that means from the feet to the top of your head. Remember the first thing you learned, BREATHE ! Breathe heavilly, do not stress, close your eyes and enjoy the Cold. If this is hard for you, try to limit the time to 20 seconds and do not shower your head.

At first this process is though and a little shock is normal because you are not used to cold water, your nervous system does not react normally. Just remember it is not a 100 meter run but rather a Marathon.


Tréning ťa posúva

Ice bathing is one of the skills you master trough training. While exposed to the cold, muscles around your blood vessels become automatically tighter. Train in the shower every single day. According to Wim you will be strong after just 2 weeks. At the beginning of course, go easy on yourself and dont overdo it. Your blood vessels will thank you for it and your hearth as well.

There will come a day, when you will swim in the cold lakes with Ice bears and feel like an natural.

Adopt Wim hof´s techniques today!